With the purchase of your first Excellerator bull you at once gain 50%of the Excellerator advantage in your next calf crop. With the second generation, 75% of this composite breeding package is yours when your first cross heifers are bred back to your second Excellerator sire. The progeny from your cross-bred females will continue to upgrade the economic performance of your herd generation after generation.

Our bulls are priced within average industry prices so you can afford to put an Excellerator bull to work in your herd.

Every year a few exceptional yearling bulls are mated with carefully chosen cows in our strain crossing program. Excellerator 213E at 400 days of age shows 5.5 mm back fat, weighs 1308 lbs., has a ribeye area of 1.06 square inches/100 lb., a lean meat yield of 64.78% and intramuscular fat of 6.61%. This bull exhibits remarkable progress in several antagonistic traits. We are very excited about his future value to the cattle industry.