All Excellerator bulls are a deep, rich cherry-red color. Composite breeding, if well planned,combines the benefits of heterosis with the uniformity of a pure breed.

Through many generations of A.I. breeding, the Excellerator lines have intentionally stacked pedigrees for the following traits:

Fertility ­ "Reproduction is at least 10 times as important as production in terms of net returns" Prof. Richard L. Willham, Professor of Animal Science, Iowa State University.

Moderate mature cow size ­ lower maintenance cost, desirable carcass size in offspring. Excellerators are usually 1200 - 1400 lbs.

Very quiet, docile cattle ­ pleasant to work with and improved feed efficiency as nervous animals tend to waste energy.

Calving Ease ­ without a live calf, there is no profit.

Longevity ­ "Heterosis added 1.3 years to cow longevity. Cumulative production to 12 years of age revealed effects of heterosis of one additional calf weaned per cow exposed and a 30% increase in 200 day calf weight weaned per cow exposed". USDA Germplasm Research Centre ­ Nebraska.


Carcass quality ­ top grading carcasses that finish for market in record time, usually 1250 lb. live weight at

400 - 420 days of age. The application of ultrasound technology enables us to provide back fat, % lean yield, ribeye area, and intramuscular fat measurements on all the bulls offered for public sale. In the past we have been limited in our ability to participate in government-supervised carcass competitions, however, in 1990-1991 steers from the Excellerator foundation herd won grand champion honours at the prestigious Saskatchewan Livestock Centre (S.L.C.) steer trails. (see chart below)

  S.L.C. Grand Champion Steers  1991
 A.D.G.  3.29
 W.P.D.A.  3.13
 Age to Slaughter (days)  387
 lb. of Feed/lb. of Gain  7.00
 Cost of Gain (cents)  50.35
 Slaughter Weight (lbs.)  1209
 Hot Carcass Weight (lbs.)  687.5
 Carcass Yield  58.22%
 Carcass Cutability  60.1%
 Average Fat  7 mm

The S.L.C. Steer Trials enabled commercial cattlemen to measure success and ultimately, profit margins in a non-biased, supervised environment.